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Article 1 – Legal credits

1.1 Website (hereafter “the Website”):

1.2 Publishing company (hereafter “the Publisher”): BUF Compagnie, a simplified joint-stock company (French SAS) with a share capital in the amount of 964,800.00 Euros, whose registered office is located at 3 rue Roquepine in Paris (75008), France, registered with the Trade and Company Register of Paris under number 320 074 388, represented by Mr Pierre Buffin in his capacity as president,

1.3 Design and development: FCINQ, a simplified joint-stock company (French SAS) with a share capital in the amount of 37000 Euros, whose registered office is located at 32 rue Notre Dame des Victoires in Paris (75002), France, registered with the Trade and Company Register of Paris under number 502 889 397,

  • Phone number : (+33)1 55 80 10 00

1.4 Webhosting company (hereafter “the Webhosting company”): GANDI SAS, a simplified joint-stock company (French SAS) with a share capital in the amount of 300.000,00 Euros whose registered office is located at 63-65 boulevard Masséna in Paris (75013), France, registered with the Trade and Company Register of Paris under number 423 093 459, represented by Mr Stephan Ramoin, in his capacity as Director General,

1.5 Privacy Policy

In accordance with the French Law no. 78-17 of 6th of January 1978 modified in 2004, the Website is registered with the French National Commission “Computing and Freedom” (CNIL) under number 1829939.

All users are freely entitled to the right of opposition, of access or correction of personal nominative data concerning them, by contacting the Website’s editor by mail or postal letter at the address mentioned above.

Using and browsing on the Website are subject to the Terms of Use, which are deemed to be agreed by all users.

Article 2 – Access to the Website

Access to the Website is strictly reserved to adults 18 and older. The Publisher reserves the right to ask any identification document to justify your age especially if you are using the online order service.

Access to the Website and use thereof are strictly reserved for personal use. You undertake not to use this Website and any information and data contained therein for any commercial, political, and publicity reasons, nor for any form of commercial solicitation such as the sending of unsolicited emails.

Article 3 – Website Content

Any and all trademarks, photographs, texts, comments, illustrations, images whether animated or not, video sequences, sounds, as well as any computer applications that may be used to operate the Website, and more generally all items reproduced or used on the Website (“the Content”) are protected by the Intellectual Property law in force.

The Publisher or its partners retain full ownership over the said Content. Any reproduction, representation, use or adaptation, in any form whatsoever, of all or part of such Content or any computer applications, without the Publisher’s prior written consent, is strictly prohibited. The absence of legal proceedings by the Publisher upon acknowledging the non-authorized use of the content shall not entail acceptance of the use thereof or constitute a waiver of any future legal action.

Article 4 – Website management

For the due performance of the Website, the Publisher is entitled, at any time, to make the following decisions:

  • Suspend, interrupt or limit access to all or part of the Website, or to certain parts thereof, for a specific type of website users;
  • Delete any information that could impede the Website’s proper functioning or infringe upon any national or international law;
  • Suspend the Website to carry out updating procedures.

Article 5 – Liability

The Publisher’s liability may not be engaged in the event of failure, outage, difficulty or interruption of its operations which will impede access to the Website or to any of its functionalities.

Any connection equipment you use to access the Website is under your sole responsibility. You must take all due measures to protect your equipment and your own data, especially against viruses propagated through the Internet. Moreover, you are solely responsible for all the websites and data that you consult.

The Publisher shall not be held liable in any legal actions brought against you in the following instances:

  • For using the Website or any service accessible via Internet;
  • For non-compliance by you with the general terms and conditions set forth herein.

The Publisher shall not be held liable for any damage done to you, to third parties and / or to any piece of your equipment as a result of your connection or use of the Website, and you shall hence waive all rights to initiate proceedings against the Publisher on these grounds.

If the Publisher was being involved in any legal proceedings or out-of-Court settlement due to your use of the Website, the Publisher shall be entitled to file a counterclaim against you in order to obtain the payment of damages for any harm, loss, condemnations and costs incurred or sustained as a result therefrom.

Article 6 – Hypertext Links

Integrating any hypertext link into all or part of the Website is strictly forbidden, except by previous written authorization that must be requested by email at the Publisher’s registered address.

The Publisher is entitled to refuse such authorization without having to motivate his decision in ant way. In the event where the Publisher would grant the above authorization, such authorization could only be granted on a temporary basis and may be removed at any time, with no obligation to provide any justification on the Publisher. In any event, any hypertext link shall be removed at the Publisher’s request.

Any information accessible via a link that directs to third parties’ websites is not monitored by the Publisher, who therefore declines any responsibility with regard to their content.

Article 7 – Data Collection and Privacy Policy

Any personal data that could be collected via the Website shall be mostly used by the Publisher for the management of its relationships with you, and if applicable, for processing the orders placed by you. Such data are recorded in the Publisher’s client records and such a file created in relation to personal data shall be declared to the CNIL.

In compliance with the provisions of the Law no. 78-18 as amended, relating to Computing technology, Data File and Freedom, you are entitled to a right of access, interrogation, modification and deletion of personal information that concern you. Such right can be exerted at any time either by post at the Publisher’s registered address, or by email at the following address:

For security reasons, and to avoid any fraudulent solicitation, the request shall be accompanied by a document evidencing the Website user’s identity. After processing, such document will be destroyed.

The information collected may possibly be communicated to third parties contractually bound to the Publisher, for the purpose of performing subcontracted services required for the management of the your account. Your consent shall not be required in this regard.

If any violation of legal or regulatory provisions is acknowledged, collected data shall possibly be forwarded to the judicial authorities at their express motivated request.

If any information is mandatorily required to access the Website’s specific functionalities, the Publisher shall specify the compulsory nature of any such data at the data entry moment.

In the event that, while browsing the Website, you randomly gain access to any personal data, you shall refrain from collecting and using any such data in an unauthorized manner, and committing any act that may infringe on anyone’s privacy or reputation. The Publisher declines any responsibility in this regard.

Article 8 – Cookies

The Website may automatically collect information such as user’s internet browsing and software’s’ using and downloading process on the Website. Any information indirectly collected shall only be used to track data relating to Website’s traffic volumes, types and patterns, in order to improve its design and display, for administrative and planning purposes, and more generally to enhance the services provided via the Website.

Article 9 –Photos and Description of the Products

The Publisher is not bound by the photos and captions of the products, which are not contractual.

Article 10 – Applicable Law

The Terms and Conditions of use set forth herein are governed by French law and are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts having their jurisdiction for the Publisher’s registered office, or any specific jurisdiction arising from a particular law or regulation.

Article 11 – Contact Us

For any question or information regarding the products displayed on the Website or concerning the Website per se, you may contact us by email at the following address:

Article 12 – Language

These General Conditions are written in English Language. The parties expressly agree that any translation of this Agreement the Publisher may provide, may be produced for the user’s convenience only and has no legal effect.

In case of contradiction between some versions of these Terms of Use, the French language shall prevail on any other language.