For 30 years, BUF has been known as one of the most innovative companies in Visual Effects. The quality and originality of our work has earned us close to 40 international awards. (More Information : )

From the “bullet time” effect seen in “The Matrix”, directly inspired by BUF’s development for Michel Gondry’s “like a rolling stone” music video to the “camera mapping” technique which allowed David Fincher to introduce a new visual language in “Fight Club”, BUF is always technologically a step ahead. In order to offer this cutting edge technology, BUF develops its own Software.

Our research and development team has created a coherent pipeline that meet productions biggest challenges in full CG Animated films and live action movies. A complete 3D studio from modeling to rendering, a node-based compositing software, a batch process manager, a High resolution Image sequence player with real-time color management or a production management tools… These are, among others, the tools we have been building and improving to ease the creative process and financial constraints.

We have the ambition to propose our Collection of software, also known as Bsuite, to a worldwide audience that might benefit from using our best in class technology.
That’s the express purpose of the BUF Software Project : BUF’s high skilled engineers and BUF’s talented artists, aligned together to distribute Bsuite.

We are looking for new talent, if you are passionate about 3D Computer graphics and have the high skills to contribute to our exciting Buf software project, we would love to hear from you. Please refer to our Job page.